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*What is the Number One Cause of Death in The United States? List this page's links.
image of dog mourning a death
" swastika Auschwitz in America swastika "
  Babies Aborted: (src)

in U.S. since Jan. 1973
   The Real U.$. Reason$ since 1973: (src)

Are Billion$ of Dollar$ to Abortionist$
   Infanticide Worldwide: (src)

Only Since Jan.  1995!!!
U.S. babies murdered   since you loaded this page  If your browser is not Java applet enabled. Some numeric Java applet generated information may not display.   seconds ago.
Silent Screams...Hear Them? in the U.S. ...Jan. 2000 to Now!
image of president obama as Uncle Sam with slogan below the picture of 'I want you to pay for abortion' From Jan. 2000, Healthy U.S. Mothers Killed  Healthy Babies, w/Partial Abortion. ~ 45,000 Jan2000-Jan2009 (src:NCAP)
President Barack Hussein Obama has been in office  days.  Each a chance for Life!
President Bush was in Office for 2912 days. Approximately 40,000 babies were murdered.
Since accepting the Presidency,    healthy babies have been murdered as they were born.
Mr. President, visit some of the links at Behind Closed Doors and see what Pro-Choice and Abortionist$ want kept secret.
Warning pulsing icon Hidden Terrorism in the USA pulsing icon was 20x20 Warning "Pro-Life Is.  Pro-Choice Is Not." ~~ rfh

U.S. Babies killed by surgical abortion since Roe v. Wade, 1/22/73(src: ALL)

...so help me God?
A Pro-Life Executive Order Recommendation to then President-Elect George W. Bush (30Dec00)
National Sanctity of Human Life Day, January 19th [A Proclamation by George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, 18Jan03]

Bush; The Pro-Life President

src: DefendingTruth.org

His Weekly Radio Addresses
Be Heard: Contact the U.S. government
Your Local Media & You Can Take Action + National & Local Radio/Talk Shows' Contact #s(ACLJ)
Current Pro-Life & Abortion News Abortion Quotes
Clouds master.com
Congressional Issue: Abortion & See the latest 20 bills in this issue area (source: OpenCongress.org)

small icon saying WATCH C-SPAN Special on Abortion & the Supreme Court (5Jan06, 3:00:49) (Note: This content may require the latest RealPlayer, which is not available on Windows 95, Mac OS9 or Linux systems.) link src: Capital News still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative

Grim Harvest: The Baby Parts Industry
(Warning: Graphic Descriptions) [src]

I See Dead People
(By Paul deParrie, The Covenant News, 10Nov03)

swastika A list of abortionists w/maps swastika
small icon saying 	WATCH Frontline: 'Abortion Clinic' (18Apr83) (Note: This content may require the latest RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.) link src: Frontline & PBS still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative
Abortion is Murder WARNING GRAPHIC
According to the Christian Didache 2:2 (50-120 C.E.)
"..thou shalt not murder a child by abortion nor kill them when born.."
Early Church Fathers and Abortionpre-400 AD
Abortion and the Early Christian Church
According to the Holy Bible
According to Qur'an and Sunnah

(MuttaqunThe Noble Qur'anQur-ân, multilingual)
What Isn't in School
Apologetics and the State
The Bible's Teaching Against Abortion by Fr. Frank A. Pavone
Historical abortion Beliefs of the Christian Church
(sources: http://religioustolerance.org & http://www.dmoz.org/Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Issues/Abortion/)
small icon saying WATCH C-SPAN Special 'The Last Abortion Clinic' (9Nov05) (Note: This content may require the latest RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.) link src: Frontline & PBS still pictures movie or video video sound or narration text narrative

"..scientific data, essays and ..life issues
..from a scientific and a Christian perspective"
Messengers2.com logo

Children's Stories
Links & Resources
Exodus 21:23: if any man causes a pregnant woman to abort her child, and the child dies, that man will be repaid by God with his own consequences, life for life.
Matthew 18, whoever offends one of these little ones, they’ll have a millstone hanged about his neck, and be drowned in the depth of the sea.
UK Life League Newsroom - We do not believe in a 'gradualist approach' as other so-called pro-life groups now propose, but rather a complete ban on all abortion backed by hefty prison sentences for those who promote, provide or procure abortion services.   [sources: UK LifeLeague (5Jul04) & Child AbusersAbortion Images]   ( Warning: Graphic ) Rock, Chris. (1997) "The Choice"?
(Rock This. NY: Hyperion, 173-174)
STOPP International's
Plan to Defeat Planned Parenthood
Death Tolls for the Major Wars and Atrocities of the Twentieth Century - Source List & Detailed Death Tolls
Page Search Statistics+More Abortion Clocks Flash Cartoons Pre Making A Decision? Need Support? Post Remember Neo-Socialism
Opinions Questia Online Library
Pundits Commentary
Books-More Books
Abortion News Photos Guides Take Political Action Legislation GuestBook Privacy Statement
Abortionists are International criminals! The Pro-Life History of U.S. Treaties By David W. New, Esq. [link src: Covenant New]
U.S. Abortion Statistics - History of U.S. Abortion Laws - Roe v. Wade (.pdf) - Abortion in America - History of Abortion Laws
To those and their ilk who attempt to stigmatize Pro-Life advocates and like-minded others as 'anti-choice' extremists [they shun 'pro-life' and 'human-rights' choosing instead to hide behind euphemisms like 'selective termination' and ' reproductive health ' ],  it is equally appropriate to brand them as 'Pro-Death' not 'Pro-Choice' when describing their kind.
[Avoiding the "A.." Word] Linguistic Contortions (Timothy Lamer, World, 26May01)

Please, Consider and Remember:
Outside the arenas of
law,  medicine,  religion and politics, throughout all of civilization, there are certain 'Universal Truths'.   Virulent responses by abortion apologists generating controversy over sites such as the The Army of God or the ' Nuremberg Files' (alt) (mirror) & hysterical ranting against religious A Speaker GIF Image. pro-life positions typify Pro-Death's neo-socialist propaganda rhetoric, and "quisling-like" intolerance and rabid fear of truth. [see the ACLU/PP v. ACLA anti-free speech lawsuit + a Pro-Life View of same.] It is the norm for abortion-related violence to be ignored or down-played by main stream media.  All-the-while, abortion-mill$, their doctor$, nurse$ & staff, medical supplier$, hospital$ serving them, and other provider$ of selective death silently avoid publicity.  Reminiscent of the secrecy surrounding Nazi Death Camps (WARNING exteme images) during the World War II era, they fear the stench of death that surrounds their barbarious acts will target and expose the true nature of their organized fleecing practice$ to public scrutiny.
Historically,  killing children has been one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, behaviour more animalistic than human.   It is ironic that many ethnic, racial, & religious groups [exception] who in times recent, marked for death, suffered unspeakable terrors, harbour 'Dr. Mengeles' among themselves, support or vote for prostituted politicians, government sponsored & tax paid abortion mills, or lobby for laws that they or their forebearers fell victim to during World War II when it was called 'Crimes Against Humanity', as in that war, our Civil War, Negro Slavery, or genocide as in Armenia 1915, Communist Tyranny (test your knowledge), the Nanjing Massacre or simply Mass Genocide.   May it be said to those peoples:  Please, think before propagandizing in media, using your money (or tax funds) publicizing, joining or financing pro-death advocacy organizations, buying or promoting products from or using any services of abortion related or profiteering companies.   And, to churches and religous groups, if you truely sanctify life, cleanse yourselves, find and dis-associate from those whose activities further desensitizes us individually and as a nation. Afraid of public advocacy? Privately in the voting booth you have a strong weapon. Vote for Pro-Life candidates.
You may not agree that what is 'creeping and crawling' into our society in the guise of  'gun-control means crime-control', or that Orwellian like 'Big Brother' intrusions into the sanctity of our homes and family,  and 'cradle-to-grave' neo-socialism indicate that our country is in decline.  Regardless;  these numbers must be disturbing,  even to 'Pro-Death' activists. You might find disconcerting or out of place, some of the music or sounds that play during the loading of this page.  During another holocaust , in the not to distant past, people entered into evil places, often greeted by music at the entrances.  Normality, selective death as routine, is what abortionists want you to accept, just as those past criminal killers did who organized daily routines which led to certain death in those Nazi camps.  Abortionists hide their true purpose behind false rhetoric and euphamisms such as "reproductive health" and "reproductive freedom." These hollow mantras are to decieve and beguile.  To conceal and hide from examination the baby killers' real motive$.

Today's purveyors of death, exchange life for money, their apologists, the profiteer$-in-death, their lobbyists and political lackey bootlicker$ show not the least pretense of having any 'cause' being devoid of any value for life having a purpose in which they consider to be a venial sin at most, greed.  All of the Democratic candidates for the Presidential election in 2007/2008 were advocates of "baby killing" as were all in 2004.  They promoted abortion to "Anglo" English speaking audiences while at the same time they omitted references to abortion in materials dessiminated among the Spanish-American community.  Yet another example of the "Big Lie" pro-death propaganda techniques used by politician$ funded by abortion mill apologists$.  Please read my commentary of July 4, 2003 in which the goals of this site are explained further.  Save a baby, Vote Life.
Some of the 'forgotten' millions shown in WWII or among the links below may have been of your own.  Whenever you vote, hopefully information on this page will go with you into ballot booths, that you will remember both the past and the present day holocausts so you will vote for candidates who will help save our children from the hidden shameful and unspeakable horrors being suffered at this very moment by so many many innocents in America's Death Camps during their terror filled, angonizingly slow, painful, cruel and tortured deaths in the hands of evil, money grubbing, ghouls wielding instruments of death even now while you are reading this.

This page is not to offend rather to inform those who use misnomers such as 'Pro-Choice' or 'reproductive rights' to avoid (e.g. Senator Barbara Boxer, California: Boxer-1-2) any reference to abortion and partial-birth, or its horrific methods A Speaker GIF Image. being linked to systematic 'murder' or 'killing'.   In the past,  many so-called fallen 'great civilizations' were tied together with a common thread of idyllic 'life,  liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' goals which somehow reversed in importance leading to failed national mores predictably spiraling them rapidly downward into nothing more than footnotes on old, musty and oft' forgotten pages of revised history.

~ ~ Robert Harrold.

   small letter gif
Holding Hand
"Pro-Life Is.  Pro-Choice Is Not." ~~ rfh

U.S. Babies killed by surgical abortion since Roe v. Wade, 1/22/73 (src: ALL)
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If Partial-Birth Abortions are not a 'medical procedure' as many pro-death abortion apologists euphamistically claim, who commits them? Doctors? Do they bill for medical procedures? Who pays them? Insurance, the government, your/my taxes? Is it legal for doctors to perform non-medical procedures? Are they done in non-medical facilities? How old were the babies? Can the women or practitioners hide behind 'medical privacy' for non-medical procedures? What non-medical laws or regulations govern the acts?

The Abortion Money Machine in Corporate America
2001 Revised List of Corporations funding abortions
(source: Boycotts for Life (list revised: 23Jul2003)
Planned Parenthood operation$ in the U.S. (1999-2000)
(Source: STOPP International (Stop Planned Parenthood)
Planned Parenthood'$ 'attack arm' targets pro-life candidates
(Michael L. Betsch, 25Jun02, Religion News)
[more recent pro-death propaganda below]
Election Related News:
NARAL Statement on Judicial Nominations in 108th Congress (U.S. News Wire, 7Nov02)
Abortion Rights Backers Show Alarm (David Crary, AP/Newsday, 7Nov02)
"NARAL and its allies spent millions of dollars in the closing weeks of the campaign supporting Democrats for Senate who favor abortion rights against Republicans who oppose them."

Abortion Activists Fear GOP Takeover (David Crary, AP/Newsday, 8Nov02)
"..Republicans should no longer be concerned about accommodating abortion-rights supporters.."

"In the vast majority of cases, the procedure is performed on a healthy mother with a healthy fetus that is 20 weeks or more along.  The abortion-rights folks know it, the anti-abortion folks know it, and so, probably, does everyone else."
src: Concerned Women of America (CWA) Ron Fitzsimmons: Executive Director for the National Coalition of Abortion Providers.
src: The New York Times, February 26, 1997
The director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers admits he " lied through my teeth" about this "rare, life-saving procedure".
Are licenses required for those who transport body parts, human tissue, aborted babies? Are transportation HAZMAT placards required on their vehicles? What identifying placards? Are disposal sites required to document contents, origins, sources of disposed parts, bodies, tissues? Are bio-hazard warning signs, transportation and disposal procedures required? Who regulates and inspects the transport, storage, and disposal? What are the fines, penalties, public notice requirements? Possible legal issues?
Former President Clinton vetoed Life legislation in 1996 & 1997.  He's gone.
As did former Governor of California Gray Davis.  Now he's gone too.
President Bush supports Life.
President (Barry) Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama, Jr. supports abortion & the FOCA!
In November 2012, Vote for Presidential candidate who supports Life

Remember which politicans are pro-life during elections.  Mark your ballots accordingly.

"Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh

Pending Federal Legislation re Abortion NRL Legislative Action Center NRL Congressional News Issues & Action Information src: congress.org
Open Secrets Money in the U.S. Elections Capital Eye Money-in-Politics Newsletter
locate and write congress
Traditional American Values, Pro-Life and Christian
    Priests for Life (PFL)
  1. Priests for Life: Fr. Frank's radio series "Life and Choice"
    1. Radio Spots by Fr. Frank Pavone
  2. Priests for Life Podcasts & PFL TV
  3. Fr. Pavone, YouTube
  4. Priests for Life on the Radio
  5. Columns by Fr. Frank Pavone 2008-1997 y en Español

to "Death Penalty & Supreme Court"

Election Enthusiasm icon sound or narration (source) y en Espaol Entusiasmo electoral
Vatican: Bishops must refuse Communion to pro-abortion politicians
(by Kathleen Walker, ProLifeBlogs.com, 4Feb09)

Life News
newspaper image

newspaper image of obama
International News

Playlist: This is Abortion
This series of videos reveals the reality of the various methods of abortion, using the words of abortionists themselves.

Fr. Frank presents various responses to the slogans and arguments some politicians use to defend legal abortion

Put my show and this player on your website or your social network.

The 2012 Election begins in  but not for American and world children! Why not? See + death beneficiarie$
    Conservative and Pro-Family:
  1. Wall Builders small animated speaker
    [Historical Documents links at Wallbuilders at Harrold.org's history and Online Books & eTexts ]
  2. Election Resources and Information: Voter Registration, Voting Guides, Candidates & Issues, Resources for Pastors & Churches including IRS info
  3. Information and Quotes on Voting and Issues
    1. Read a collection of the Founding Fathers' quotes on voting here at "WallBuilers."
    2. Compare the Democrat and Republican Platforms on four Biblical issues: Read Comparison (.pdf)
  4. Scripture passages used in Oaths of Office (eadshome.com)
  5. Christian Heritage of America (.swf)
  6. Congress and Religion
"If a doctor will take money for killing the innocent in the womb, he will kill you with a needle when paid by your children." -- Dr. R.A. Gallop. (src: Vanish)

Death Clock: The Internet's friendly reminder that [your own precious] life is slipping away...
Abortion Clinic Worker Information - Protect Yourselves
Compared to War - War Statistics - World War III
Who remembers all those who were disposed of in past organized &/or state supported holocausts (1914-1998), atrocities by neighbor against neighbor, and the systematic Nazi Final Solution just as those murders that abortionist$ commit against so many, many children of today?
Criminal acts in an otherwise sane society.

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." -- Abraham Lincoln

Facts - U.S. Gov't Tuesday, June 12, 2001 Released Compiled Data as of 1997:
Live Births: 3.88 Million, Induced Abortions: 1.33 Million, Miscarriages: .98 Million
[SRC: National Center for Health Statistics, NCHS Trends, pp. 52-56 (.pdf) - Issues..Limitations on Abortions Statistics (AGI, 1/97)]
Related: Health Statistics (MSU.edu 5/99), Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report - Abortion Surveillance, U.S. 1997 (8Dec00, CDC, .pdf) & U.S. & State <19 Years Old, '95-'97 (14Jul00, CDC, .pdf)
(Abortions per 1000 15-19 year olds (only) U.S. females: 1991=37.6, 1997=27.5 ~ 27% decline)
Extrapolated: 34% of Unborn Children are Killed at a rate of 1 Death Every 23.7 seconds!
Death Rates Index: (1996) Abortions, percent due to.., Firearms, Vehicles, Aids, Heart/Cancer/Stroke, mothers plus Mothers' Death Rates during Childbirth versus Abortions - Physical Sequelae - CA/US - Not Safe - Abortion/Childbirth - Abortion Related? - Abortion Risks
How can a doctor pledged to heal instead kill?   A Speaker GIF Image.Who are their friendsA Speaker GIF Image.? Like vampires, they fear the light of day.
Put-to-Death=Choice? Are We Using The Same Dictionary? Choice=Infanticide?
"Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh

Roe v. Wade started with a Lie.
Since Roe v. Wade there's been U.S. abortion murders.!

*Facts,  International Links,  'True Lies',  Myths & Dangers,  What Really Happens?
Chronology of Life, Abortion Methods, Pro-Life Answers & Alternatives (PLW)
Abortion Methods, Fetal Developmental Timeline & Related, (References, Statistics, Research)
How Was This Sad State of Affairs Begotten? A TimeLine Since 1974.
Abortion - Historical Perspectives
(both Pro-Life and Pro-Death articles and views of abortion history) [about.com]
Supreme Court Rulings & Abortion History Since 1967  (Links - Search Rulings)
Born Alive Infants Protection Act (NRLC, Sep00):
UPDATE -- (Legislative Chronology/Pres. Bush signing ceremony/photo (Became Law: 5Aug02) NRLC))
Abortion Law & alternate page
American Center for Law & Justice, Pro-Life Cases (aclj.org)
Laws on Protesting Abortion (aclj.org)
ACLJ E-Newsletter
(Free Copy of the U.S. Constitution (aclj.org))
Abortion Law, Canada
Abortion Law, History & Religion (CBC, CHN) [pro-life?]
Society for Law, Life, and Religion ~ Quotes ~ Litigation ~ Pro-Life Links (SLLR)
Abortion History from Rome to the Supreme Court (CWA)
Abortion & Ethics
Abortion Cases, U.S. Supreme Court, May 1990-Present, Syllabi   (LII ;   Cornell U.)
An Act of Judicial Infamy (SAC Bee, 29Jun00/Jewish World Review, 29Jun00)
by George Will (bio)

U.S. abortions cost the equivelant of 4 dollars for each of earth's living persons.
Word Countries in order of Population 2000-2050

U.S. & World Population: Java Screen Display - US & World, HTML - CGI - Netscape - IBiblio, WorldPop

Abortion is Murder

The Reality behind Child Killing
baby foot in hand Life League's View the Reality of Abortion

What Difference Can One Person Make? The Starfish Story (attributed to Loren Corey Eiseley (1907 - 1977)
And, a Child's version.


eyes horiz line gif
About every two weeks (14.7 days) there are as many deaths due to A Speaker GIF Image. abortions as there were in the entire Vietnam war (55,000).   If induced abortions were reduced by 50% the savings of lives would be greater than finding a cure for all cancer.  We spend millions of dollars installing air bags in cars to save a few thousand lives, but the total deaths due to automobile accidents amount to only 3% of the deaths due to induced abortions. (src)

26 million to 53 million abortions are committed, worldwide, each year.  Annually, an estimated 6.7 million abortions take place in India.   (BSOG, AAP 9Mar01) And, 10 million more in China alone!   How can the Chinese death rate be so high? Read: Exporting Infanticide (Steve Bonta, The New American (TNA), 4Dec00).  Further readings: Issues in Focus: Abortion from 'Abortion Cannibalism' to the 'Abortion's Underworld.' (src: TNA).  And, more statistical measures enumerating abortions, complications/deaths & infanticide for the United States, broken down by individual States, and for the World are staggering.   If the world wide rate of abortion (counting at the top right), using the Alan Guttmacher Institute statistics for only five years (1995-2000),  is correct then the number of abortions is incredible! This 5-year atrocity equals the total estimated deaths of the entire 20th Century by government "Democide" worldwide and is nearly four times more than all combat deaths during the last 100 years!

Abortion Rates, Who Has Them, When Are They Done, How Many, How Much Money (AP, USA Today)

Abortion Demographics  (rates: rise/fall, when done, age, race, marital status, religion, procedure percentages, trends, crime linkage, welfare, risks, delays for, genetic/racial purity)  (src [ Religious Tolerance.org ] ) "Approximately 1.37 million abortions are performed in the U.S. each year [AGI].  Almost a quarter-million..on women who identify themselves as born-again or evangelical Christians.  37.4% on Protestant women..18% of whom profess to be born-again believers.  That 18%.. accounts for 246,000 aborted babies each year in America.  To many pro-life advocates, it has become over-whelmingly clear that mainline Protestant churches and their leadership are not speaking out against the abortion industry persuasively." ("The Christian Voice" newspaper vol.3 no.8, Aug2001; src: AgapePress News)

What Did the Plumber See?
alt Abortion Behind Closed Doors

Of 1,200,000+ abortions in 1994, 1.4% were committed after 5th month development.  Thus, more than 16,800 viable living children were killed. (figures: AGI) Extrapolated from that year only:   More than One Hundred Twelve Thousand Eight Hundred [112,800] near-term or full term live babies were exterminated between 1994-2001, just in the U.S.!   And yet, contrary to what the general press would lead you to believe, a majority of Americans believe abortion is murder.  'What we have now, it must be obvious, "is a minority imposing its will upon the majority." (Mark Shields, Creators Syndicate, Sat. 21Jul01)

What are schools, government, and abortionist$ afraid to tell or show you?

Making a Decision?  Pre-Support Help.
Here Are Several Links to Visit Before Making A Fateful Decision?, Including Private Counseling.
From Conception to Birth, Your Baby's Development Week by Week

Read the truth: Abortionist$ Deceptions, Informed Consent?, Clinic Lies
Real Qoutes & Experiences From Women Who've Had Abortions
Stand Up Girl (Becky's True Story)
Quick Facts You Need to Know
Adopt US Kids (new July 2002)
[Pres. Bush initiative w/Department of Health and Human Services and the National Adoption Center]
Not Sure? Abortion? Parent? Adoption? (HH76)
Abortion Facts - Partial Birth Procedures (HH76)
Facts & Photos & Photos + Petition & Poll - Results - Links
Partial Birth Laws & Procedures, Terminology (ReligiousTolerance.Org
Dilations & Extraction Procedures (D&X, PBA)
(The fetus [sic: baby] is delivered feet-first; its brain is removed [sic: sucked out].
This simplifies the removal of the fetus [sic: body] with less damage to the woman.)
Informed Consent, Required At Least 24 Hours Before An Abortion Procedure
(Michigan State's Answer to False & Misleading Pre-Abortion Information)
Physical & Psychological Complications
A Dirty Business - Horror Tales - Garbage Disposals - Sewers - "Get'em In - Get'em Out"
(by Karla Dial, Citizen Magazine, Abortion Research)
Pro Life Views that can help you understand and deal with the worries and cope with the pressures surrounding you and your pregnancy, maternal health, pre-natal care, or abuse/rape/incest, teens and abortion as well as adults.
Abortion, Medical Terminology (src: ob-gyn) & Abortion, Birth Defects, Pregnancy Issues
Iatrogenic Multiple Pregnancy - Epidemiology, Risks, and Ethical Dilemmas (Selective Termination aka Killing)
Women and Children First
Why Not! A Book For Every Woman (Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D., Boston, 1868)

Before You Make A Decision, Visit TruthTV for help Understanding Your Alternatives (flash)

America Will Not Reject Abortion Until America Sees Abortion.
Show the American people what an abortion is!
Nevertheless, there is a myth that persists about the child.
(Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life)

source of this section is AbortionTV.com & it's Table of Contents (TOC)

Why Abortions Are Performed

  • The overwhelming majority of all abortions, (95%), are done as a means of birth control.U.S. Abortion Statistics, U.S. State abortion statistics, by Race, by Age, Worldwide abortion statistics, teen abortion statistics
  • Only 1% are performed because of rape or incest;
  • 1% because of fetal abnormalities;
  • 3% due to the mother's health problems.

Source: Central Illinois Right To Life

Reasons Women Choose Abortion (U.S.)

  • The overwhelming majority of all abortions, (95%), are done as a means of birth control.What schools, government, and abortion clinics are afraid to tell or show you.
  • Wants to postpone childbearing:  25.5%
  • Wants no (more) children:  7.9%
  • Cannot afford a baby:  21.3%
  • Having a child will disrupt education or job: 10.8%
  • Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy: 14.1%
  • Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy: 12.2%
  • Risk to maternal health: 2.8%
  • Risk to fetal health: 3.3%
  • Other: 2.1%

    Source:Bankole, Akinrinola; Singh, Susheela; Haas, Taylor.  Reasons Why Women Have Induced Abortions: Evidence from 27 Countries.  International Family Planning  Perspectives, 1998, 24(3):117&#8211;127 & 152 As reported by:The Alan Guttmacher Institute Online:

Post Support & Help
If the Decision Was A Final Solution - Support Is Available & Is Waiting for You:
The Heidi Group & alternate for Heidi Group
"We will promote the health and well being of women in crisis pregnancies as well as their unborn babies."
Post Abortion Stress Syndrome - Stories, Help, Sharing
Post-Abortion Trauma: The Silent Side of Abortion Atrocity
Post-Abortion Trauma Help (P.A.T.H.) y en Español
American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Psychiatric Sequelae of Abortion: The Many Faces of Post-Abortion Grief
Grief After Abortion - After Abortion Help & Healing
American's United for Life logo
American's United for Life
Resources for Help after abortion
Silent No More Awareness logo
Do You Regret Your Abortion or Your Lost Fatherhood?
Life Corner's & Heritage House '76 & Abortion Facts
Pro-Life Links To:
Abstinence/Chastity - Adoption resource: AdoptUSKids.org - Conservative Links - Crisis Pregnancy Organizations - Education/News Sources - Euthanasia - International Organizations - National Groups - Pro-Family Organizations - Pro-Life Services - Professional/Medical Organizations - Regional and Local Groups - Religious/Denominational Organizations - State Groups - Student and Youth Groups - Other Sites of Interest
City-by-City - National Help Lines - Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Why Can't We Love Them Both? ( A 'Life Issues' eBook)

You Can Sue For Abortion Injuries ~ Legal Action for Women ~ Sue for Not Being Told the Truth
Abortion False Advertising Case Goes to Court
Choose Adoption for the Child (DHHS/NAC) not Abortion for You.   ~ rfh

Body-Snatching: Babies' Bodies sent secretly to U.S. for nuclear bomb tests.
"If anybody knows how to do a good job of body-snatching, they will really be serving their country." the paper quoted Dr Libby.., as saying.  (SMH, 05Jun01)

Pro-Death Targets Teens, Particularly Young Girls, Promoting 'Privacy' From Whom? Parents?
At what point does 'social advocacy' promote 'personal irresponsibility?'
Background on the $1 Million+ Website (src: Jacob Ward, IDG, 18Jan99)


Neo-Socialism aka Abortion-Nazism
Equating abortion with genocide is well founded.  Many are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Sanger’s
“Negro Project,”
the eugenic plan to limit - or exterminate - the black and other “unfit” races.
(also see,below: The Negro Question)

Useless Eaters: Disability as a Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany
"The methods used for mass extermination in the Nazi death camps originated and were perfected in earlier use against people with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities."
( from: the Center for Teaching and Learning, Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA.; link source: SBC Blue Web'n at http://www.kn.sbc.com )
Homosexuals: Victims of the Nazi Era + Jews, The gypsies, Jehovah’s witnesses, The mentally and physically handicapped, Some Aryan Germans who were disloyal the fuehrer, Others who were not of a pure Aryan race, Political opponents, Criminals, The socially unfit, asocial, emigrants (kdhs.org.uk) + Volksdeutsche [4 categories], Poles, Polish intelligencia, Slavs, Ukranians, Highlanders (wikipeida.com) and A Holocaust Glossary from A to Z (about.com)

"By means of shrewd lies, unremittingly repeated, it is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell -- and hell heaven.
The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed." - Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf (src: tqpage)

The Nazi Propaganda Archive (w/DDR) Pre-1933 & 1933-1945

"The followers of Malthus believed that if Western civilization were to survive, the physically unfit, the materially poor, the spiritually diseased, the racially inferior, and the mentally incompetent had to be eliminated."  The question was how?
Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Malthus b.1766-d.1834 (links)
Native Americans alt, African Americans and Jews have been thought of as subhuman.

Henry Clay, Secretary of State in the administration of John Quincy Adams, told a Cabinet meeting in 1825, "Indians are rapidly disappearing" and "destined to extinction," because they are "essentially inferior to the Anglo-Saxons."

General William Tecumseh Sherman, U.S. Army:

"We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux," Sherman wrote to Ulysses S. Grant (commanding general of the federal army) in 1866, "even to their extermination, men, women and children." The Sioux must "feel the superior power of the Government." Sherman vowed to remain in the West" till the Indians are all killed or taken to a country where they can be watched." "During an assault," he instructed his troops, "the soldiers cannot pause to distinguish between male and female, or even discriminate as to age." He chillingly referred to this policy in an 1867 letter to Grant as "the final solution to the Indian problem," a phrase Hitler invoked some 70 years later. Sherman's ultimate objective "which he did not quite achieve" was murder of the entire Indian population.  Just before his death in 1891 he bitterly complained in a letter to his son that if it were not for "civilian interference" by various government officials, he and his armies would have "gotten rid of them all."
(src: The Feds versus the Indians [Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Prof. Econ., Loyola College, 25Jun02)

In its 1857 Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court found that when the Constitution was ratified, "Negroes" were "considered as a subordinate and inferior class of beings ... and had no rights or privileges but such as those who held power and the Government might choose to grant them."
Dred Scott, Planintiff in Error v John F. A. Sanford (See S. C. 19 How. 393-633)

Socialist Origins of Neo-Nazism
(Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., WorldNetDaily, 13Aug99)

The Nazis removed Jews from the lawfully protected status of legal personhood by defining them as "non-Aryans," thus supplying the semantic foundation for the passage of more than 400 laws, ordinances and decrees against Jews, which ultimately lead to the Holocaust.

"... my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews." (Adolf Hitler, 1922)

      On October 4th, 1943, the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, gave a three-hour speech.  The audience was an assembly of SS Gruppenführer, officers with rank roughly the equivalent of Lieutenant-General.  The speech was given in the city of Posen (or Poznan), in what is now Poland.  Approximately two hours into the speech, Himmler made some extremely damning and revealing statements regarding the extermination of the Jewish people:

Himmler Rationalizes the 'Extermination of the Jews' for his Einsatzgruppen Commanders
(realaudio, (319KB, approximately 5 minutes long)
Nizkor's transcript of approximately five minutes of the speech (keyed to the audio)

[citation: Himmler, Heinrich.  Speech to group of SS-Gruppenführer at Posen, Poland, October 4th, 1943.  U.S. National Archives document 242.256, reel 2 of 3.]

Source & Quotations: The Nizkor Project - Site Index
1919-PS Speech of the Reichsführer-SS at the SS Group Leader Meeting in Posen on 4 October 1943. (src: Himmler, Heinrich (todesengel.net))

National Socialist American (Nazi) Pro-Abortion Movement (Justifying, Rationalizing, and Excusing the Holocausts)

Change Has Come by By W. James Antle, III (23Jan09) A new item animated gif.
"The latest obstacle in front of pro-life progress is the man sworn in as president ..(Barry) Barack Hussein (Soetoro) Obama, Jr." ... Perhaps the most creative -- and combative -- paraphrase of Obama's speech was offered by former Congressman "B-1" Bob Dornan. "We will not apologize for our way of life -- I add our love of life -- nor will we waver in its defense," he said, his gravel-filled voice starting to rise. "And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror -- the terror of abortion -- and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken. You cannot outlast us and we will defeat you."

"There are certain truths which stand out so openly on the roadsides of life, as it were, that every passer-by may see them.  Yet, because of their very obviousness, the general run of people disregard such truths or at least they do not make them the object of any conscious knowledge.  People are so blind to some of the simplest facts in every-day life that they are highly surprised when somebody calls attention to what everybody ought to know."
-- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol.1 Chap.11

Mein Kampf: A Speaker GIF Image. (alternate src) - (archives) (royalties) (Copyreich) - 1848 - The German Revolution
[Hitler, Auschwitz, Goebbels, Heydrich, Himmler, Wannsee Conference & Free eBooks (David Irving, Focal Point)]

In Hitler's Nazi Europe [Waffen SS] A Speaker GIF Image. , Voices From The Past.
[Note: traumatic events are detailed. Read/Listen with the appropriate care. (IIT (src))]

Watch and listen for subtle and blatant propaganda messages A Speaker GIF Image. , being used now as in the past.

"In Germany.  First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.  Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Jews, and I did not out speak out because I was not a Jew ... Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me." --
Pastor Martin Niemoller
( Background, More, Bibliography, Sermon 'The Salt of the Earth', Wiesenthal Center Photos, Links, Congressional Record, October 14, 1968, page 31636, Resistance)
And now, America itself, Israel and its friends are targets of a movement cloaked in blatant and obvious propaganda that includes exhorting young followers to kill themselves (often murdering other innocents) in the name of what? Religion? Politics? Territory? Revenge?  Or is its true goal to again attempt the elimination a whole class of people?  It too uses the language of euphemisms just as past death merchants did.  As depicted in the War Has No Rules - Chechnya (text) (Graphical) [Maura Reynolds, © L.A. Times, 17Sep00] (and in Russian) innocents are the principal targets without apparent regard to any moral, ethical or other rules, e.g. +Geneva Convention Excerpts.    Without regard to terrorists' motives, how do their tactics relate to the Pro-Life struggle?   Simply to illustrate how misleading and powerful the influence of propaganda can be whether it is distributed through public media or clandestine underground organizations.   On the one hand are groups espousing a "holy cause", right or wrong, but to some extent, if not much worse on the other hand are organizations driven to kill by lust for money.   One must look behind the 'misdirection' and see what 'feet of clay' most abortionist$ stand on in relation to their innocent victims.  A starting point is looking at the images of the dead children, not simply listening to words of distortion, guile, and avoidance.

From S. Africa: A Letter to the World From S.A (Johann Niemoller) (alt)
die Afrikanner (src) - News & Commentary - S.A. Links

Is the Pro-Death Movement Linked to Nazi Goals of the Wannsee Protocol and Eugenics?
Is A New World Order Afoot?
NAZI Correlations - A Story
Correlations Between Nazi Extermination & Today's Pro-Death Movements
Pre-, Jewish, and Post- Genocides; Origins & Histories, Targets i.e. handicapped, homosexuals; revisionism
Mentally & Physically Handicapped Victims of the Nazi Era - History?
Nazi Medicine & Public Health Policy (Proctor, Robert N.: Dimensions, Vol. 10, No.2, 1996 [ADL])
Abortion, Euthanasia & Infanticide - The Crime of Being Alive - The Eugenics Archives

[An agenda devoted to the elimination of "defectives," "minorities", "inferiors," and the "unwanted."
(quote source: "Cloning of the American Mind" : Eradicating Morality Through Education 1998 B. K. Eakman) ]
Capital Ethics Legislative News from Washington, D.C.
(current legislation, action alerts; house, senate, committee hearings schedules, contact officials)

The Negro Question:
..government and health care policies often discourage Black women from choosing life for their babies..
Abortion in the Black Community: Google's Index

.. Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.
1,452 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.
3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.
Since 1973 there has been over 13 million Black children killed and their precious mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.
With 1/3 of all abortions performed on Black women, the abortion industry has received over 4,000,000,000 (yes, billion) dollars from the Black community.
..source: BlackGenocide.com

The Inherent Racism of Population Control(src: tcrnews2.com)
See also The Negro Project:  Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Plan for Black Americans.
(download "The Negro Project" in .pdf format, 66 ppg.)

Black Leader Says Abortion Continues to Diminish African-Americans
Quotes, "In our quest for higher education, bigger houses, better jobs and flashier cars are we closing our eyes to the fact that more than a thousand of our children die each day by the horrible practice of abortion?" she asked.  "These children are denied their most basic human right -- which is the right to life; a right which our ancestors so proudly worked for, marched for and many of them died for," Gardner added.
(by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor, 7Feb07)

Equating abortion with genocide is well founded.  Many are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Sanger’s
“Negro Project,” the eugenic plan to limit - or exterminate - the black and other “unfit” races.

Examples: Black Genocide, The Black Woman's Voice, Black Americans for Life, History of Abortion & the Black Community, Abortion Hurts Our Community, The New Civil Rights Movement, Abortion and the African-American Community (Hispanic vrs African demographics, birth rates), 10 Reasons to Boycott the NAACP, Abortion and the African-American: Is it Genocide?, The Abortion Industry and Planned Parenthood -- A Partnership in Death?, excerpts: Planned Parenthood’s founder and matriarch, Margaret Sanger in the 1930s ingeniously promoted her ideology that the "unfit" should be prevented from reproducing, "by force if necessary." Since the economic plight of many Blacks placed them and their families in the position of living in an environment that Sanger believed breed "unfit" individuals, her organization zeroed in on the "Negro" population.  Establishing the "Negro Project," Sanger and her cohorts set out to push their birth control agenda which as she writes "is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives" (The Pivot of Civilization written by M. Sanger)

In November 1939 a "Negro Project" leader feared that the project would be in "a great danger" of failing because "the Negroes think it a plan for extermination." Therefore, "let’s appear to let the colored run it ...." (Gamble memo "Suggestions for Negro Project" excerpted from pamphlet issued by the African American Committee, A.L.L.) Sanger later wrote him back saying, "We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population ..." She goes on saying that use of the Negro minister would effectively "straighten ... any rebellious members." (Letter from Sanger to Gamble, excerpted from pamphlet issued by the African American Committee, A.L.L.)

Equating abortion with genocide is well founded.
Many are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project,”
the eugenic plan to limit — or exterminate — the black and other “unfit” races.

The Truth About Planned Parenthood
(source: Missionaries to the Preborn)
"Klan Parenthood"
Links source:
   http://www.prolifeamerica.com ProLife Daily
In America today, almost as many African-American children are aborted as are born!
A black baby is three times more likely to be murdered in the womb than a white baby.
Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent!
Twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined.
Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history.
Planned Parenthood operates the nation's largest chain of abortion clinics and almost 80 percent of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.
About 13 percent of American women are black, but they submit to over 35 percent of the abortions.
What the Ku Klux Klan Could only Dream About The Abortion Industry is Accomplishing.

"Always to me any aroused group was a good group, and therefore I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan..."
Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger
(Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366)

"..There is no doubt that if the doctors in Germany had stood for the right to life of every individual,
the Holocaust at the very least would have been slowed down and minimized."

-- (C. Everett Koop, MD)

The Nuremberg Code
(..Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10, Vol. 2, Nuremberg, October 1946 - April 1949)

How can mass killings become acceptable by a people & its government?
The Holocaust, its Perpetrators and its Victims (1933-1945)
Complete transcripts of Adolf Eichmann's trial
'The Dentist of Auschwitz'
(by Benjamin Jacobs, A Holocaust Memoir, 1995; full text) (src:Nizkor Project)
'An End to Innocence'
(by Seymour Rossel, 1981; full text 10Oct00)

"If we are to survive on this planet hurtling through a vast, cold, and uncaring universe, at a minimum we must learn to care for one another, to value every single life as precious." - Rabbi Seymour Rossel

Jews for Life: (now at the Internet Archives)
"Jews For Life maintains that life, both born and unborn, is sacred and worthy of protection.
The current so-called 'pro-choice' position of mainstream liberal Jewish organizations is antithetical to the traditional teachings of our faith."
Abortion - Euthanasia

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing? - Repackaging Sanger - Abortions & Crime Rates (NOI)
Abortion and Crime:
Unwanted Children and Out-of-Wedlock Births

(John R. Lott, Jr., Yale Law School, US; John E. Whitley, U. Adelaide, AU: 30Apr01; .pdf format)

The Population Control Agenda, Margaret Sanger, and Proponents of Her Movement Today
Who Are Her Supporters Today? and What Were Her Positions? On: Negroes, Jews, Italians, feeble minded, segregation, sterilization, illiterate, paupers, unemployable, criminals, prostitutes, dope users, concentration camps
Statements by Black Americans on Abortion & Sanger..no heroine (NLNCAA) NOI
Race and Class Directed Eugenics, African American Women & Abortion
(reproductive rights being confused with civil rights [pro-death social activist propaganda])
Darwinism and the Nazi race Holocaust (J. Bergman, Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, 1999)

Today, national socialist activist propaganda [cloaked as democratic liberalism] often targets so-called "hate-mongers", either as a group or individually.   This propaganda seemingly targets only those right-of-center particularly targetting Pro-Life advocates as though they are 'anarchists' and the propagandist$ attack with rabid zeal anyone who 'has the audacity' to publicly question the "reproductive rights" bias of socialists who endeavor to keep hidden from the public, their victims, and the light-of-day the true motive of abortionist$, money.   However; there is a courageous few, like The Christian Gallery News Service - Abortion CamsOperation Rescue's Abortion Death Camps, AbortionIsMurder.com and Partial Birth Abortions, who help to expose the butcher$' evil to all who aren't cowering behind pro-death neo-socialist rhetoric.  Media regularly "accuses" defenders of life as being "right wing extremists" in print, audio, and video news.  It rarely, if ever, shows the 'death mills' and the horrid results of the atrocities committed within them.

Results Only Journalism - Distiguished or Narrow Minded?
(Tim Graham, National Review Online, 2Dec00)
Media Watch & Media Reality Check (distorted or ignored news, Media Research Center)
A Conspiracy? " Defining 'democracy' " (Larry Elders, 29Dec2001, Washington Times)
And, Another Example of Media Propaganda & Distortion

" Winning the Cultural War"
Charlton Heston, 16Feb99, Harvard Law School Forum
Political Correctness - Diversity - Civil Disobedience

Young people are the focus of TV ads and shows, books, political commentary, and news, overtly & subliminally, in which diversity is promoted over morality, tolerance mandates acceptance of 'political correctness'  A Speaker GIF Image.570KB,  prayer and religious rights are mocked and attacked while the religious foundation of our country is eroded, and ethnic pride is reserved for special classes.

More on how language has corrupted our moral sense can be found in
" Dehumanizing the Vulnerable: When Word Games Take Lives" by Saint Louis University Professor William Brennan.
Brennan characterizes the language of feminist abortion rights advocates as "anti-life," linking it with the rhetoric used against Jews, women, Native Americans, African Americans, and some other victimized groups.  ..how dehumanizing language was and is being used to justify violent acts against vulnerable peoples --past and present-- including the unborn, the elderly, women, Jews, ..
[referral source: Cal Thomas: "After stem cells, what?"]
Amnesty International - Diversity News - ACRR - Cultural Extreme, Female Mutilation - Lektrik LifeLinx
Related Books, Texts, Narratives & Holocaust/History Links: Online Books & History

" Pro-Life-Physician Horatio Robinson Storer, Your Ancestors and You." (Frederick N. Dyer, Ph.D., 27Sep99)
Champion of Women & the Unborn, A Biography (HRS, b.1830-d.1922)
"The heinous guilt of criminal abortion, however viewed by the community,
is everywhere acknowledged by medical men." ..AMA Report on Criminal Abortion, 1859.
Feminism versus Abortionism (abortiontv.com (view abortions, photos, links))
Aquinas, Aristotle & David 51:5
"Old is New Again"
The Atavist


Abortion [sic '
baby killing'] is not an issue standing alone. Rather it is part of a larger fabric of lies, myths, and propaganda (PP) smothering our nation.   For viewpoints and perspectives, visit: 
    Opinions & Commentary
  1. How Abortion Has Failed Women
    (Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth Dr. “How Abortion Has Failed Women” Crisis 18 no. 3 (March 2000): 32-37.)
    [src: Catholic Educators Resource Center (CERC), Issue: Abortion]
  2. Human Personhood Begins at Conception
    (Kreeft, Peter “Human Personhood Begins at Conception.” Medical Ethics Policy Monograph Stafford, Virginia: Castello Institute., 1997) [src: CERC]
  3. Abortion Ethics
    (src: The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, About the IEP, U. Tennessee, Martin)
  4. Life, Abortion, and Euthanasia; Excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
    (Article 5, The Fifth Commandment, "You Shall Not Kill" [Ex 20:13; Dt 5:17.])
  5. Poll Results as to Abortion Under Any, Some, or No Circumstances (chart) Full Analysis & Related Links (src: Gallop Organization [Polsters])
  6. Abortion: Kills Babies, Hurts Us (research paper, cited)
  7. Carolyns' Pro-Woman ~ Pro-Life
  8. Articles & Commentaries
  9. Is it murder? (A Doctor's View)
  10. Media Bias & Nazi Branding
  11. Al Gore Qoutes
  12. Clinton's Fantasies & Stupid Statements
  13. Radio/TV Live
  14. Right Sites
  15. 100% Wrong!
  16. Who is Jane Roe?
  17. War on the Unborn, 1986, outlined
  18. The American Holocaust
  19. Euthanasia - A Pro-Life Primer
  20. Sociology of Death, Dying in Politics & Religion & Abortion
  21. Political & Legislative Guidelines for Churches and Pastors
  22. Guidelines for Political Activties of Right to Life Organizations
  23. Social Democracy & International Socialism
  24. Genocide Awareness Project and An Anti-Religious & Pro-Abortion Response
  25. War on the Unborn & Women
  26. From Rome to the Supreme Court; A New Birth of a Nation
  27. Black Genocide
  28. The Holocaust, Lynchings, & Abortion: The Myth of 'Choice'
  29. Dr. Park's Final Solution
Abortionist Expose$ Hi$ True Color$ - Sue$ Gov't for Tax Monie$ (CBC, CA; 8Jun01) Small Speaker
(Audio, Video, Browsers, Adobe, Animation Programs & Plugin Downloads)

The Marketing of Aborted Babies (Trafficking in Body Parts)
"..20/20's focus on the money trail is like pointing out that smoke from the ovens at Auschwitz violated Germany's Clean Air Act."

Update: Baby parts marketing: 20/20 and the House Hearing
(Congressional hearing, ABC TV, Planned Parenthood facilities, Gloria Feldt, abortion industry, black market, businessmen, National Abortion Federation, prostitutes, profit-driven, scandal, socialists, sleaze, chopped up, dismembered, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities, political agenda, Commerce Committee, price lists, brochures and advertising materials for baby parts, pro-aborts, internal abortion industry records, harvesting parts, witness tampering and obstruction of justice, criminal)
View an actual copy of a baby body parts order (.pdf format)

"..We are sympathetic to the explanation offered by the ABC producer who told us after the show that the network could not broadcast footage of dismembered babies, baggies full of tiny human eyes or any other accurate footage of the "commodity" being sold by the baby parts merchants."
Source: Life Dynamics
Fetal Tissue, Body Parts for Sale & News Article src: MCJ Online & Sold As Health Food?
and Harrold's 'The Big Lie'

Fetal Body Parts
		View documents and price list from companies that provide fetal body parts and researchers that request them:
		     Brochure from "Opening Lines", a company that provides fetal body parts
		     "Opening Lines" Company price list for fetal body parts
		     #1  "Confidential Protocol" form used to order fetal body parts
		     #2  "Confidential Protocol" form used to order fetal body parts 
Get educated and be informed on the issue of Fetal Body Parts
Online ProLife Petitions:  Petition Against the Harvesting of Baby Body Parts!
Stop Taxpayer Funding of AbortionStop Selling Fetal Body PartsStop Human CloningStop Physician Assisted Suicide
    Elections and Religion:
  1. Political Guidelines for Churches and Pastors
  2. Do's and Don'ts for Political Activities of Pastors
  3. Is Abortion Just an "Election Issue" for Christians?  
  4. Why Christians Should Vote their Values
  5. A Statement by the National Pro-Life Religious Council

[ sources: California ProLife Council & National Pro-Life Religious Council ]

Behind the "Big Lie" of Pro-Death Apologists: THE TRUE REASON$  For Sale Body Parts!
American Life League Newsroom (ALL)
' A Fascinating Place to Tip Abortion Fight' (A Legitimate Claim to Personhood.)
by Tom Jackson,
Tampa Tribune 21Oct01
Privacy & Pro-Death:
Rights Or Propaganda?
(or...Profits Motivate.)
by Robert Harrold, Aug99
(2cents.wav, 66kb) white, lobbyist, abortion clock, abortion clocks, terminate,
rate of abortion, abortion rate, terminate pregancy, right to life, right-to-life, silent scream, abortion methods, 
abortion tools, dessicate, fetal tissue, fetal stem cells, victim, abortion statistics,
victims, victimless crime, criminal abortion, criminal abortions, burned alive,
primal scream, Madeline O'Hare, ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, genetic selection,
Southern Law Poverty Center, abortion clinic, abortion clinics, abortion mill,
shylock, shylocks, pound of flesh, liberal leftist, socialist, skull crushed
Human Cloning
The Dark Side (UK 2000)
' On Abortion:
A Lincolnian Position
by George McKenna, Sep95
(© The Atlantic Monthly)
News - Archives
Biblical Views
The Six-Fold Holocaust
(Restoring Christian Keys,
Biblical & Historical)
Evangelium Vitae
(John Paul II [Joannes Paulus II], On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life)
Foeticide, or Criminal Abortion:
A Lecture Introductory to the Course on Obstetrics and Disease of Women and Children

[Dr. Hugh L. Hodge, U.Penn, 1869]
Why Abortion is Genocide
(Gregg Cunningham, Esq., Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, .pdf)
Abortion Holocaust, an open letter
(Thaddee Renault, knightsite.com)
From NRLC:

Congressional News


Obama Abortion Agenda


Abortion Funding


'Freedom of Choice Act'


Unborn Victims of Violence 
(fetal homicide)


Human Embryos
(includes human cloning)


Partial-Birth Abortion


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NRLC Home Page

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Text of Pope Paul's Statement to President Bush, Monday, July 23rd, 2001 and his Address to the American People: "America can show the path to humane future by defending the right to life."
"The right to life excludes euthanasia, infanticide and the creation for research purposes of human embryos" ~ John Paul II
...And Then We Have
..during a debate, Oct. 20, 1999, Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, joined the caucus.
...Santorum: "You agree, once a child is born, separated from the mother, that that child is protected by the Constitution and cannot be killed.  Do you agree with that?"
...Boxer: " I think when you bring your baby home.." She said more.  What she would not say was "yes."
[again, I am not answering..! transcript - view]
"Mind if I smile for a minute?" Sen. Boxer and the euphemism 'family planning' on funding overseas abortions. (Modesto Bee, 5Aug01) Senator Helms, in response: "This is about abortion, or promoting abortion, using taxpayer money," Helms said.  "It's not an attempt to get legislation, it is an attempt to raise money among the pro-abortion crowd."
Princeton U. gave a prestigious position to an advocate of infanticide & genocide. ( Peter Singer suggests that for perhaps a month after birth parents should be entitled to dispose of unwanted children),..
A Reasoned Reply: Testimony in support of HR 4292 - Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000 (Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton; 20Jul00)
Does A Woman Having An Abortion Have A Right to a Dead Baby, Even if it is Born Alive?
Read George Will's Article:
Born Alive Aborted Alive!
"To an abortionist, the "dreaded complication" isn't a dead mother -- it's a live baby."

2Oct00 Commentary (also Print Version) from the Family Observer's Pro-Life eMail Newsletter, Ignored & Under-reported News, Pro-Life Links
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  • anti-freedom of choice act icon image Your Signature Matters: If you oppose FOCA, and do not want the FOCA provisions passed under a bill with a different name, like the PFA, (Prevention First Act) then click the KCFL link.  Your signature (contribution) will help in our effort to remove co-sponsors, and to keep new co-sponsors from signing on.  See KCFL's web site.
    Ann Coulter:
    (Archives & Patriot Links))
    Abortion Stops A Bleeding Heart (25Jan06)
    I've seen enough killing to support abortion
    JWR: 22Feb00/16 Adar I, 5760
    Michelle Malkin: 
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    The predators of Planned Parenthood
    December 3, 2003
    The abortion empire strikes back.
    January 11, 2002
    Breeding a Eugenic Culture
    May 4, 2001
    Use ultrasound to combat abortion
    December 27, 2000
    Pharmaceutical butchers of Bejing
    October 18, 2000
    Voices from the womb
    "I want to live.  I do not want to die."
    September 14, 2000
    Cal Thomas: Articles
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    A matter of life and death
    by Cal Thomas (JWR)
    April 22, 2008 / 17 Nissan 5768
    John Kerry's Catholic Problem
    Apr 26, 2004/17 Iyyar 5764
    Byron White's life agency.
    Apr 17, 2002/6 Iyyar 5762
    After stem cells, what?
    Who is sub-human?
    Distorting the debate.
    Jul 5, 2001/14 Tamuz, 5761
    Death's Door in the Netherlands
    Apr 18, 2001/25 Nissan, 5761
    Abortion Extremists
    Apr 3, 2001/10 Nissan, 5761
    The Immoral Majority
    Oct 4, 2000/5 Tishrei, 5761
    The 'Final Solution' to crime
    Aug 13, 1999/1 Elul, 5759
    Al Gore's Abortion Lies
    Feb 1, 2000/28 Shevat, 5760
     by Cal Thomas
    Articles, archives
    his articles Index
    [Jewish World Report]
    George F. Will: 
    The partial-birth censors
    Aug 20, 2000
    Partial-Birth Abortion Ads
    Jan 18, 1998
    by George F. Will
    Stand to Reason, Commentaries on Abortion
    by Gregory Kould
    Related Reflections
    Bio-Ethics Articles
    by Scott Klusendorf
    Socialist Origins of Neo-Nazism
    by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
    [WorldNetDaily, 13Aug99]

    Cambodia...Mengele...provisional...Stalin...government...Sand Creek...sponsored ...embryo harvesting...authoritarian...Indian Nations...torture...Pakistan...Nanjing ...Hitler...China (KMT, Warlords, PRC)...abortion...Mozambique...atrocities ...Japan...prisons...Trail of Tears...liebensraum...infanticide...Chechyna...Waco ...bespredel...Rape of Nanking...Nanjing...camps...Somalia...disappearances...Poland ...democratic...Wounded Knee...Sumatra...ethnic cleansing...Mau Mau...massacres...KKK ...Turkey...rebels...Vietnam...SS...exterminations...Pol Pot...Deutchland ...secular...Laos...murder...U.S.S.R...totalitarian...Ghengis Khan ...genocide...The Inquisitions...executions...Nero...Yugoslavia (Tito) ...North Korea...final solution...Mexico...Armenia...and on, and on...    Oh, Man's Inhumanity to Man, Woman, ...and Child.
    World Statistics
    Our Future, 164kb A Speaker GIF Image.
    Where? In the U.S.? Can it be?
    Aborted U.S. Babies 1973-1998: 38,010,378
    More'n - More Statistics & World Stats A Speaker GIF Image.
    What Are Not 'Pro-Death' Lies:
    True Facts A Speaker GIF Image.
    180,000/Year in England & Wales
    Scotland: 12,000/Year
    1/3 UK Women Abort by 45
    Pro-Death Censorship
    NRLC & Abortion Facts & Pro-Life Info - Human Life International - Sección Hispana - Deutsch (News/Dossiers Druckversion HLI-Schweiz) - Polsk - Polska & (Europa [English]) - Deutschland - Italia - UK - Ireland - Belgium - France - International Links References, Statistics & Research
    Pro-Life Youth - Educate Yourself - The Dark Side + More Pro-Life Links (PLW)
    Reasoning for Showing the Truth
    America's Holocaust Facts
    A Universal Truth
    ~ Pro-Life Is, Pro-Choice Is Not ~

    Roe v. Wade, The Truth
    27 Years of Life Denial
    Receive Weekly News Updates
    FDA Approves MifePristone (28Sep00)
    Press Label MedGuide How Does It Work? (Q&A) Court Nixs Fetal Tissue Ban   (AP, 7Oct99)
    Federal Court OKs Use of Fetal Tissue in Research   (Sac.Bee, 30Dec00)
    It May Get Worse.
    -or better-
    A Letter to the Next Generation
    By Isaac Asimov - FAQs
    Family Policy Network - Right-to-Life & Social/Moral Issues Links

    A Happy Story:
    Holding Hands
    (21 week old's story)
    Baby Reaches Out of Womb & Holds Onto Surgeon's Finger,
    'Born Twice:' from "Life Magazine" Dec99
    by Skip Hollandsworth, Photography by Max Aguilera-Hellweg]
    The Story & Picture That Fox Network Wouldn't Allow Matt Drudge to Report on TV.
    Sounds of Silence, It's Not - Sights/Sounds Cannibalism? A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
    Euthanasia in Force in Netherlands -- Amsterdam, April 1st, 02, (nandotimes.com, Arthur Max, AP) New Law in effect (Monday, 1APR02) allows doctors to kill terminally ill patients -- New News & Euthanasia links added 23Mar --- WASHINGTON (AP) --States may classify a developing fetus as an "unborn child" eligible for government health care, the Bush administration said Thursday.  Posted: January 31, 2002; CNN
    Back to the Top Icon

    "The great masses of the people...  will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one." Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945)

    Recent "Big Lie" propaganda:
    Notice the repititous political "Big Lie" mantra parroted by abortion apologist$:
    "the so-called "partial-birth abortion is a political concoction" (Linda Robayo, Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, NY Jul02);" "partial-birth abortion is not a medical procedure" "Partial-birth abortion, of course, is not a recognized medical procedure but is an inflammatory term invented by abortion opponents to provoke legislators and the public." - Angela Colaiuta, ACLU, National Field Organizer, DT: July 16, 2002"; "intact dilation and extraction - is not a medical procedure." [..what is it then?, ..do non-doctors kill the babies?]

    An American/Canadian "pro-death" organization (who euphamistically calls abortionist$ "providers"), The 'National Abortion Federation' (NAF, The Voice of Abortion Providers [the web site pictures young, teen & minority women]) spokeswoman, Vicki Saporta, euphamistically calls their members' deeds [baby killing] as "providing reproductive health activities" & claims that exposing abortionists and their customers to public scrutiny is a violation of their 'civil rights.' [..protect the right to get the monie$, never mind the baby's rights] during an 30Ap02, TechTV.com Cybercrime TV show, sub-titled "CyberCrime: Exploring the Dark Side of Technology", [bias?] entitled " The Other Holy War - Religious extremists have terrorized abortion providers for years, and now the war is moving online.  We investigate abortion clinic cameras (1st aired: Tuesday, 4/30 at 9 p.m. Eastern on 'CyberCrime.' repeated may times since April, e.g. replayed 3pm, Eastern, 10Aug02)

    note the euphamisms: religious, militant, extremists, war, terrorists, Providers assassinated by anti-abortion activists, Stirring up violence online, An online army under free speech protection [remember free-speech in the eyes of pro-death abortion apologist$ is reserved for a privileged monied elite], increasingly militant and they all claim the protection of the First Amendment.. [why does 'pro-death' avoid talking about their baby killing?]

    ...continued: "I think his [Horsely] websites constitute threats and they are in fact a violation of laws that exist," Vicki Saporta, executive director of the National Abortion Federation, told "CyberCrime." "And [they] shouldn't be allowed to be up on the Internet."

    ..In 2000, the abortion rights organization [note PPFA is called an organization, neither terrorist nor extremist] Planned Parenthood, along with several doctors, sued..[$, money]..an appeals court later vacated the decision on the grounds that Horsely and other webmasters are exercising their right to free speech.  Planned Parenthood has appealed that decision.  [of course, $].. Scare tactics such as these abound on the Web... Saporta insists that whether the sites remain protected or not, they will not succeed.  "The sites really are not working," she [Saporta] said.  "Our member providers continue to offer women reproductive health care services because they know what they're doing protects women's health and saves women's lives, and they refuse to be threatened or terrorized out of providing those services to women." [without reference to profiteering & killing inside the death mill$], the author: "Scare tactics such as these abound on the Web." [emphasis added, rfh]


    "Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh

    Take Political Action - Take A Stand
    Pro-Life Challenge:
    If you were born after 1972, we challenge you to consider yourself
    A Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust
    and become active on behalf of those scheduled to die
    (Abortion Survivors Links)
    Unborn Victims of Violence Act (HR503 26Apr01 & UVVA [People for Life])
    Ban on Transport of Minors for Abortions (MCJ 16Feb01, BP)
    Federal Legislation & State Links
    (e.g. Calif: Legislation & Tax-Paid Abortion Amount$)
    Abortion 'Bills & Summary Status' in the Senate & House 107th Congress
    Voting Records (106th, 1999-2000) - House & Senate by State. (NRLC)
    Senate & Congressional Voting Records - A Conservative Score Card
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    [src: Eagle Forum (EF)]
    America's Greatest Reading Test
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    Thank Senators Who Voted For Attorney General Ashcroft
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    Capital Ethics Legislative News from Washington, D.C.
    (current legislation, action alerts; house, senate, committee hearings schedules, contact officials)

    Political Contacts / Legal Action:
    Remember which politicans are pro-life during elections.  Mark your ballots accordingly.
    Pending Federal Legislation re Abortion NRL Legislative Action Center NRL Congressional News Issues & Action Information src: congress.org
    Open Secrets Money in the U.S. Elections Capital Eye Money-in-Politics Newsletter
    locate and write congress
    Contact Congress - Congressional Guide - Issues/Legislation - State Legislatures - Governors
    Find & eMail Your Congressional (House) Representative by Alphabetic Listing, Zip Code, State, or Clickable Map
    Alternate eMail Site for House of Representatives (searchable by Zip & State)
    Senators Listed by Name & by State (w/address, phone number, web page) + eMail other Senate Offices & Committees
    Search, Find, Contact: Congress, The President, Federal Agencies (src: American Conservative Union (ACU)

    More Links to Contacting Politicians, Tips on How to Communicate, eMail/regular mail addresses, phone numbers, locate/track legislation (harrold.org/rfhextra/gvrnment.html)
    Visit Your State's "National Right-to-Life" Organization's Web Page
    Sign Petitions for Life & Against Harvesting of Baby Body Parts!
    This project, "Operation Outcry," seeks to overturn Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court rulings.
    Click Here to sign the "Friend of the Court" Form in support of Norma McCorvey and Sandra Cano.
    CLICK HERE to REVERSE Roe v. Wade!
    Anyone can fill this form out.
    Partial-Birth Abortion Facts & Congressional Contact Information

    Be Heard:
    If you are not a voter, obtain a Voter Registration Card and join us at the polls.

    Sign and Send Petitions for Life at:
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    (For Example: Ask President Bush to Recend Clinton's Pro-Death Executive Orders)
    Cast Your Opinion at: Vote.com On Abortion Issues!
    (enter "abortion" in the search field)

    "Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh

    U.S. abortions [sic] cost the equivelant of 4 dollar$ for each of earth's living persons.
    1990 Public Funds Expenditures on Contraceptive Programs Exceeded $622,000,000.00! (src:NAP.edu)
    States fund 170,000+ Abortions Annually (1994)
    True Costs - Over $160,000,000.00 of our 97-98 taxes alone! (src: PPFA)
    2000-2001 Estimates:  $238,000,000.00   (FoxNews 18Dec00 re Fed. Title 10)
    FY 2002:
    On Dec. 20, 2001, the Senate approved a Fiscal Year 2002 Labor/Health and Human Services/Education spending bill
    by a vote of 90-7 that allocated $265 million to Title X programs,
    an increase of more than $11 million from the previous year.
    Before any election, research your candidates before voting
    Update June 24th, 2002 by Michael L. Betsch, CNSNews:
    Planned Parenthood's 'Attack Arm' Targets Pro-Life Candidates

    excerpts: ..Follow the Money..

    Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is forbidden from using any family planning funds it receives from the government to advocate the political victory or defeat of any candidate. However; ..the organization's political action committees are aggressively involved in trying to defeat pro-life candidates for office.  ..Ed Szymkowiak, a spokesman for STOPP International, a subsidiary organization of the American Life League (pro-file.net), ..is opposed is Title X, a provision of the Public Health Service Act of 1979 which Planned Parenthood claims "has been key in helping millions of American women prevent unintended pregnancies and obtain reproductive health care for three decades." On Dec. 20, 2001, the Senate approved a Fiscal Year 2002 Labor/Health and Human Services/Education spending bill by a vote of 90-7 that allocated $265 million to Title X programs, an increase of more than $11 million from the previous year.  Szymkowiak estimates $60 million of the $265 million in taxpayer funds was awarded to PPFA in 2002 Title X appropriations.  ..based his estimate on a Nov. 13, 2001 Government Accounting Office (GAO) report, publicized by Rep. Joseph Pitts (R-Pa.) and Rep. Christopher Smith (R-N.J.) that indicated the government had appropriated $55,105,247 in fiscal year 2000 for PPFA and its research affiliate, the Alan Guttmacher Institute. According to Szymkowiak, he arrived at the $60 million figure for 2002 by applying the same percentage increase that the entire Title X budget underwent in the last two years. "If he (Szymkowiak) did it on some sort of calculation based on what it's done from those previous years, he could probably safely make an estimated guess," an HHS official speaking on background told CNSNews.com. 'It's Perfectly Legal' The Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF), a 501 (c) 4 non-profit, was formed in 1998.  According to its website, "PPAF is a nationwide, non-partisan political action committee that supports pro-choice, pro-family planning candidates for federal office." "Candidates often do not give voters the information they need to make important election decisions and many anti-choice candidates try to hide their true agenda until after the election," according to the PPAF website.  "To combat this, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund gets information about candidates to voters." The PPAF claims it "played a key role" in the 2000 elections by distributing $283,000 in political contributions "to 115 pro-choice candidates" and by spending $10 million in radio and TV advertising, "which played a key role in educating voters and helped choice become an important issue in that election." The organization also keeps a "scorecard" of Congressional votes dealing with abortion and rates members accordingly.  For example, Rep. J.C. Watts, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, is labeled "anti" by the PPAF website and scores a zero, while California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is listed as a "pro" [by PPAF] and scores 100 percent. PPAF can monetarily support any campaign it chooses, and "it's perfectly legal," Szymkowiak conceded. "You can't really nail Planned Parenthood and say, 'Well, they're getting this federal dollar and then they're turning around and using this federal dollar to campaign,'" Szymkowiak explained.  Wright believes that prohibiting political advocacy groups such as PPFA from being able to receive government money "just by using a different name" should have been addressed in the new campaign finance rules. "Organizations that are involved in advocacy should not be receiving government funding," Wright said. Planned Parenthood Federation of America advocates its message using "a different name or by setting up a different organization, but we all know it's the same thing," said Wright, who likened the tactic to "accounting maneuvers." "People are upset about what Enron did," Wright said.  "Well, let's look at what Planned Parenthood does, because Planned Parenthood's using our tax dollars." [the] Vitter Amendment -- An amendment to the 2002 Labor/HHS/Education appropriation, offered by Rep. David Vitter (R-La.) would have prohibited organizations like Planned Parenthood, which say they perform abortions with non-Title X money, from receiving any funds under Title X.  .."
    Open Secrets Money in the U.S. Elections Capital Eye Money-in-Politics Newsletter

    eyes horiz line gif
    Please, if you are eligible to vote in any election, do so remembering history and vote for politicians who will defend the principles upon which our Republic was founded.    Your ONE VOTE is important!    ~~ rfh
    eyes horiz line gif
    Parties, Political, Principal
    & En Español: Abriendo Caminos
    Democratic Reform Libertarian A Libertarian Purity Test
    Constitution / Taxpayers Natural Law Green
    & En Español
    Socialist Communist
    On the Government Links Page are additional links to voting & voter registration information ,
    sites of the principal parties ,  and contact information for most federal and state election participants .
    Also, visit:  Debate Transcripts, Candidates Links, & Party Home Pages
    See The 2000 Presidential Results National Map by County and read an Analysis of these Results which indicates that the sentiments area-wise, in large part, are broad based, uphold traditional American national mores, values family structure & heritage, support 2nd Amendment rights-to-bear arms, and are Pro-Life. (USA Today)
    Don't forget, here you can eMail your Congressman, Senator, President or Vice-President on issues important to you.)
    And, You Can eMail newspapers and other media voicing your opionions.


    RU486 and the Abortion Issue by all of the top editorial cartoonists
    (source: Daryle Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index)
    • And, from EadsHome Ministries --

    "We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life--the unborn--without diminishing the value of all human life."--Ronald Reagan
    [Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation, 1984. pp 15-18)]

    "The chief purpose of government is to protect life.  Abandon that and you have abandoned all."
    Thomas Jefferson [Harold Lane, "Liberty, Cry Liberty!, p. 31]

    America's Founding Fathers re Life, Government, and the role of Religion
    ~ and ~
    A Biblical Perspective on Abortion

    Totally Free Cartoons on anything worth talking about such as: Abortion [sic: killing babies]

    Ban Abortions & Partial-Birth Murders About
    Memorial to Mothers Killed by Abortion
    Life Dynamics
    You Can Help.

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    Abortion - America's Final Solution
    July 4, 2003:  A visitor once opined that this is a "Dada" web site.  The Dada Movement was a nihilist movement circa 1920.  Ostensibly engendered with the abolition of society's mores and values resulting from WWI.  In protest, the Dadaists sought to protest through confusion and mis-representation and provoke rage among the bourgeois (middle class, capitalists) in order to awaken them against war, corrupt political powers, and greed.  Though born from the art world of Zwitzerland and Europe, it was not simply an art movement rather one that sought to change society.  Though the definition of DaDaism may vary between artistic & political, remnants of both are extant today.*

    This site's ambition is not to confuse nor obfuscate. Rather it is to unify, via links and commentary, knowledge that pro-death monied organizations wants disjoined and kept apart; to influence citizens to vote for Life candidates and against pro-death candidates; and last, to link abortion with the concept of 'crimes against humanity' which was used against Nazi criminals who organized and carried out murders in such fashion as to stun the world, which in comparison was as horrendous as are the abortion killings throughout America and the so-called civilized world. 

    Abhorrent baby killing practices range between state sanctioned and forced acceptance of baby killing for population control as in China to racial and genetic "selective termination" in more "civilized" western nations, to cultural practices, often illegal, where the selling of baby body parts is an "open secret", to the bizarre, extreme, and horrendous and wide spread practice of killing girl children by abortion before birth or often subjecting them to cruel deaths while being born [partial birth], or (in some cultures) waiting to later years before killing the girls, often by burning them alive ...even extending to the evil practice of abandoning their children, alive, left "to starve" or to suffer cruelties beyond belief when the babies are left as "carrion" to feed nature's 'lesser animals.'

    Knowledge such as the fact that 'the right to have an abortion' in the United States was born from lies, lies and half-truths, presented to and accepted by the Supreme Court of the United States lends credence to the assumption that abortion is not a "right" but a false premise:** The Real Story About Jane Roe.*** Born of deceit, the so-called "right to an abortion" is riddled with facts which the abortion apologist$ want stifled.  And that, the true force behind their lobbyist$ and media propaganda is money.  Sown among movies, TV shows, articles, and targeting teens and young adults, abortion is usually depicted as a normal act, a means acceptable to preserve a financial or social standing, a means of rectifying the results of having used poor judgement, to avoid responsibility.  Hollow reasoning, but accepted none-the-less as so much pablum consumed without thought as to its real meaning and intent which is to perpetuate, expand, and normalize, in the eyes of the public, the killing of children for profit.  This page aims to re-enforce the idea that the act of abortion and that those who commit the baby killing atrocities are individually, severally and jointly to be looked upon as criminals.  Consider the abortion industry no less criminal than the Nazi organization of the 'Third Reich' and its leaders no less guilty of crimes than was the Nazi leadership.  Leaders who received just sentences for their crimes against humanity.

    Religion and conservative politics do not drive the concept that killing innocents is un-acceptable to a sane society.  Self preservation of our species is at stake.  Our nation is among many of Man but like all, when its individual lives have no value, the society's larger cumulative value shrinks until soon it too has no value and it collapses into self-indulgence and indifference to its own self-preservation.  From the Christian bible, Acts 19:32 NIV, "The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another.  Most of the people did not even know why they were there." This is no less true today than it was 2000 years ago.  Most people who support or fight against a position are not sure why but still join the fray.  This holds most true when considering baby killing to be a right.  Bestowed upon women and their abortionist$ without regard to the child's rights.  Yes, a child.  One not yet delivered or being delivered from the mother, but viable just the same, human, alive with feelings, life.  Here, confusion reigns.  But it should not because the womb is not a tomb.!

    At some time between conception until given birth, an infant in the womb is human, alive waiting only to be brought into a new environment.  Unless, of course, you still hold to the notion that some miracle occurs during delivery in which a human is created at some unknown instant during the birthing and separation from the mother. Because, if we define a human child only as one who has been delivered of its mother, then a miracle of nature occurs in that instant of transition from within the mother to outside ..suddenly a human is formed, formed not before nor after, but at some singular point during delivery.  Shallow reasoning at best.

    However; if one presumes that that which is in the mother, not yet born, can only be human if it is viable, then by definition, many adults loose their humanity in situations wherein they become unable to maintain themselves and thus are subject to 'selective termination.' (The same phraseology used by Nazis and abortionist$.)  Many such situations are easily given.  For example, how weak and defenseless becomes an adult thrown naked into the wilderness or into some extreme climate who without help of someone would surely die.  Hospitalized with a serious illness.  Old, inferm, and non-productive? Is that adult no less of value than the helpless child? Is an adult's life experiences, already history at any given moment, more valuable than an infant who's potential future accomplishments lie ahead?

    The helplessness and the viability of an unborn child are considerations which if compared to an equally exposed and helpless grown human, makes the unborn child equally human.  A human person to be helped into the world, defended, educated, nurtured, raised in ones own image..not an 'undefined nothingness', to be torn limb from limb, skull punctured and brain sucked out, burned alive in brine, to be discarded into a trash bin, ground up as waste nor to be butchered and sold body-part by body-part to other vulture$ in the nefarious abortion underground black market.  (A trade that many abortion apologist$ sorely want to legitimize.)

    When we allow the weakest and most vulnerable in our society to be exterminated, slaughtered and butchered for money, to be killed as an excuse to avoid responsibilty for ones own actions, and to remain silent without making and speaking judgement against the slaughter, we will have condemned our society to a fate no better than that of the Nazis.  Also, remember that someday, you and I may become old, inferm and weak, useless, a burden upon our families or society and then...
    Robert Harrold, Independence Day, 2003
    "Once you permit the killing of the unborn child, there will be no stopping.
    There will be no age limit.  You are setting off a chain reaction that will eventually make you the victim.
    Your children will kill you because you permitted the killing of their brothers and sisters.
    Your children will kill you because they will not want to support you in your old age.
    Your children will kill you for your homes and estates.
    If a doctor will take money for killing the innocent in the womb,
    he will kill you with a needle when paid by your children.
    This is the terrible nightmare you are creating for the future." -- Dr. R.A. Gallop
    Demographer and Head of the Food Science Department, University of Manitoba.#

    #Vanish & Abortion -- When the Womb Becomes A Tomb.)
    *various at Google.com
    **print [Douglas S. Wood, CNN, 18Jun03 + Roe V. Wade, Special Report: 30 Years Later, links, videos, interactive, majority/dissent opinions]
    *** (sources at Google.com)
    and www.dictionary.com
      Some links from ProLife America & Priests for Life
    1. Death Roe
    2. Child Predator
    3. Klan Parenthook
    4. Clinic Worker (protect yourself)
    5. Rachel's Vineyard (support)
    6. Abortion Aborted
    7. Silent No More
    8. Death Roe

    Little Green Footballs News Alerts links from TKB
    Fox News ABC News
    MSNBC CBS News
    Google Yahoo!
    Terrorism Knowledge Base
    The Conservatice Voice - Dedicated to Faith, Family, Freedom.

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