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Part One of Three Parts.
A.C.L.U., Privacy, and "Pro-Life versus Pro-Death":

   I support most any organization which seeks an open and
smaller government with less regulation and fewer laws which
erode our society's foundation.  By foundation, I include what
was generally accepted as normal, proper, that which bolstered
the strength and well being of the U.S. and its citizens.  High on
the list of positive indicators of our way of life has been (note the
past tense) The unfettered right to own, carry, and enjoy firearms
of most any kind while respecting safety and the concerns of others;
The assumption that "a man's house is his castle" and that intrusion
into ones privacy by outside forces was presumed to mean that one
need not fear invasion either by government or business; that powers
not granted to the Central Government by the Constitution remain
reserved for the States; And, not the least, that life is precious.
Precious from its earliest moments.

   Generally, support for groups such as the A.C.L.U. is a given;
however, I can not simply 'throw the baby out with the bath
water', so-to-speak.

   The A.C.L.U. has joined the fray involving privacy issues
related to privacy and the internet.  As any other organization
promoting itself, it asks persons to formally join, donate, etc.
Joining the A.C.L.U. would be a positive act of stating my position
on many issues that the A.C.L.U. supports and fervently advocates,
including privacy with which I and many of my friends agree;
however, (not withstanding some court opinions) if only an equal
amount of angst was directed by the A.C.L.U. toward the saving of
helpless, defenseless lives rather than being an advocate of death,
cruel without equal, with no remorse, without shame,
of so many many many young children.
(224kb) A Speaker GIF Image.Arbeit Macht Frei ' A Speaker GIF Image. ...words one should remember as
so so many 'scream silently' unheard over the din of the grubbing and
groveling 'money changers' feeding on the profits of death like
   Those who claim ignorance, who promote death from afar, are
themselves participants in these barbarous acts.  They who claim
only to be 'protectors of freedom' are not innocent by-standers.

   I place the A.C.L.U. among other privacy advocates with an equal
place albeit reluctantly.  My hesitance is because of its support
of abortionists.  Notice that I emphasize 'abortionists,' those who
commit, what in times past would have been considered crimes most
heinous and unspeakable.  Atrocities such as the so-called partial birth
killings, the use of blenders, scissors, spikes, suction pumps and
yes, more unspeakable methods.  [A fetus, a baby (4 to 9 months into
pregnancy) is pulled feet-first from the womb, except for the head,
which is deliberately kept just inside the mother's body.  Then,
the doctor punctures the base of the child's skull and suctions out
the baby's living brain while the child struggles against the pain
of this barbaric 'so-called medical procedure.']  Animal cruelty laws,
in many areas, criminalize such non-medical procedures against
non-humans ...thus, a dog or a cat is safer from the 'pro-death'
"Shylocks" than is a human child.

   So-called 'freedom of choice' lobbyists [sic merchants of death]
want to keep hidden these atrocities and the images that are brought
to mind.  And, equally as much, strive to avoid mention of the real
motivation -- the fortunes being secreted in their ever growing and
protected vaults -- war chests to fund propaganda and disinformation
as to the true nature of the so-called 'pro-choice' [death] lobby.
All the while dragging their ill-gotten blood monies into depositories
hidden from public scrutiny equally as much as their gruesome practices.
A Speaker GIF Image.What We All Feel Around Them. ' A Speaker GIF Image.  (77kb)
   Is the 'dumbing down' of America now so complete that it is acceptable
for the media to present major criminal activity, during prime-time,
before young children?  It suggests that the crime being shown,
e.g. the illegal acts of Dr. K. murdering a human, is a practice
worthy of consideration outside the criminal system.  This blatant
propaganda and subtle brain-washing presented a clearly illegal and
criminal scenario.  Of course, the network, cast, promoters, advertisers,
and producers, would not consider themselves as criminal conspirators.
{After World War II, the Allies found media propagandists guilty
of crimes against humanity.} 

  On the other hand, media merchants and advocates of 'the monied
abortionists and their lobbyists' prefer to hide from public scrutiny,
at all costs, the now legalized activities of the 'death merchants.'
So called "pro-choice" advocates, abortionists, their financiers,
and media propagandists that today profit from modern day 'Dr. Mengles',
who when pictures of their procedures are exposed to the cleansing
light of day, suddenly find it convenient to use the same Nazi-like
feigned excuses so oft quoted by mass-murders who, in times past,
faced censure, condemnation, or sentencing before public tribunals
and courts for crimes against humanity.

  How evil and sickening is the false and misleading advertisements
offered by so many of the 'clinicas de muerta.'  They play upon the
fears of so many women, emotionally weakened by often overly
exaggerated circumstances surrounding an unplanned pregnancy.
It is true that there are instances in which the 'life of the mother' is
an issue which is a decision that may require the taking of the unborn
child.  It is true that strong arguments can be made that pregnancies
resulting from incest, rape, or by deception are candidates for ethical
decisions which are difficult at best when consideration of the unborn
child is given its due.
 However, justifying the current 'coin of the realm' being thrown about
by advocates of baby killing, so-called "reproductive rights", is as false
as the 'ring of counterfeit monies."  It is a euphemism for the "me first,
do-what-ever-I-want ~ when-I-want, I have no responsibilities to anyone
but my self" generation of men and women.  Ones who choose to avoid 
responsibilities beyond their self centered & false images of self-worth.
Thus, what once may have had good motives has been subverted
into 'a way of life' without regard for life.

 What are the true motives behind the media hype, the often subtle
..."let us counsel you, help you through this 'crisis'" 
...the carnival like duping of 'rubes', confused women,
...unwittingly led into the chamber of horrors?

Simply put:  Greed and Avarice.  Money.  Not social good. Money.
Abortion About Money (by Gail Brightbill, 8Apr98)
 Pretending that something is not fundamentally wrong and
abhorrent to human nature which tears at the heart (literally and
figuratively) of the universal truths of right and wrong, while
hiding behind a 'hear-no-evil tell-no-evil see-no-evil' stance is
propaganda at its most pure.  "Pro-Choice" and "Reproductive Rights",
torch bearer watchwords of the greedy propagandists, are held high
to encourage American youth to turn their backs against a heritage
of 'right before wrong', they all march quietly to their bankers,
    hand-in-hand with other organizations who,
    along with the 'monied abortionists' gorge themselves
    from the trough of the 'right to choose' movement.
Planned Parenthood Exposed
  "Keep it out of sight and in the banks" ...SCREAM THE LIE loud
and long enough, people will believe anything as truth, even that
death is good, life is bad.

How precious the few and the many who have been hurt so, taken...
            ...nameless, forgotten, alone.

II of III.
Part Two of Three Parts.
Religion, Universal Truths, Money'n Abortionists:

 To me, there are certain truths without regard to religion.
I believe some philosophically call these 'universal truths.'

 To hang our hat on the 'credo' of the "abortion mill money
lobbyists" that it is not determined when life begins after
conception is begging the issue of infanticide. I'm sure that
all of those who learned to live with the stench of death in
the Nazi, Stalinist, Cambodian, and on-and-on mass murders
had all kinds of arguments to support the mass killings.

 For people of all religions (or non-religious) to hide behind
long drawn out discussions of religion, women's rights, etc.
are all, regardless of their stance, creating a smoke screen
to avoid seeing the simple truth that whenever a fetus is
viable, it is, at least at that point, a human entitled to life.

 I'm sure all of those who are 'wishy-washy' on either side
would have their hearts hardened if they were forced (and it
would probably have to be forced) to observe, close at hand,
up close and personal most any form of abortion.  Even the most
so-called liberal left would be sickened to watch a small child,
all but a part of its head out of a mother, having its little
skull brutely crushed open, its living brain sucked out, & then
have its body dissected, masticated, or thrown in trash bins.

 Just writing this, sickens me with the images, smells, and
sounds that it has brought to mind.

 Anyone who believes that the 'new morality' espoused by
abortion mill apologists is any thing other than greed for the
almighty shekels...are truly deceived, naive, or simply choose
to be blinded by the light, not of truth, but of money.

Part Three of Three Parts.
America's Final Solution, A Possibility?:

 Consider too, that arguments that can be made which address
possibilities surrounding what could be termed "America's
Final Solution."  American and world history is littered
with government sponsored, legalized, and promoted experiments
to get rid of 'lower classes, defectives, despised minorities,
so-called inferior races, unorthodox religion sects, and 
who-ever-else the then-current-times despised.

 Governments have often allowed, if not fostered, false beliefs
to be nurtured and built into political and financial bases.  Many
activities of governments and private organizations now promote
what most peoples recognized in the past as 'crimes against humanity.'
Not so coincidentally, almost always, groups are behind the scenes
profiteering tremendously.

 Is it not ironic that some of the most vocal activists for baby killing
are often from among those who have suffered some of the most vile
atrocities, legal or otherwise?  Individuals and their larger groups
be they ethnic, racial, religious, a current minority, or whatever
...should carefully 'watch over their shoulder' and examine the society
that may be keeping keeping them "in their place."

 A government which supports and pays to sterilize them, kill their unborn,
disarm them, and keeps them economically dependent on government
hand-outs, and which 'publicly reminds them of their "inferior status" by
riding on the public image of 'helping this minority' or 'supporting that
disadvantaged group' or 'creating a new special program just for them'
is carefully crafting an underclass of self-victimizing lemmings. 
Pro-Life Lawmaker Targets PP (tax paid) Money (Michigan, 1Dec00)
 When such groups are encouraged to maintain separatist attitudes
in life styles, media, politics, business, religion and supported in cultural and
ethno-centric activities by a government that also 'discourages' others from
excercising the same rights to "band together" one can easily find political and
sometimes hidden profiteering agendas.  Such behind the scenes motives,
historically, have often led the 'victims' to tragic consequences.
Examples of Your Tax Money & Mine Plowed Back into Propaganda Politics
 How can a government on-the-one-hand encourage some groups 'labeled'
as minority to be vocal, activist, and self-centered to the exclusion of the
other groups while at the same time maintaining 'peace among the populace
as a whole?'  Easy, when the middle class majority is afraid to be activists
of any kind which might jepardize their comfortable circumstances.  Minorities,
often are economically and socially less stable.  Consider that if an agenda
to disarm minorities was real and recognized as such by those targetted,
it would be difficult task.  But it can be accomplished fear mongering while
concealing criminal demographics, scaring the majority into agreeing to
a disarming of the total population.  To attempt otherwise would surely lead to
disorder on a grand scale.

 By the same token 'encouraging baby killing' as a means of population
control or to avoid responsibility for ones personal life perpetuates
the destruction of nurturing environments such as home, family, respect
for country, work, ethics, religion, and morality.  Thus a 'solution'
which will in its final stage completely dissolute family unity within
minority populations is real.

 Keeping government control in all areas of daily life, education, and in the
family structure feeds an addictive habit of dependence to that government.
It thus becomes a 'final solution' of a most subtle kind.  It is almost
Orwellian in its conception and to its deceived victims a narcotic,
as addictive and as deadly as any can be.

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