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"Elections Are Not Won by Who Voted, They are Lost by Who Did Not"
~~ rfh
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star burst image Below are some helpful Voter Guides for the U.S. & California elections.. star burst image
    Voter Guides:
  1. We Vote Pro-Life: http://www.wevoteprolife.com
      Pro-Life Political Links
    1. National Right to Life: http://www.nrlc.org
    2. Susan B. Anthony List: http://www.sba-list.org
    3. Democrats for Life: http://www.democratsforlife.org
    4. Campaign for Working Families: http://www.cwfpac.com
    5. Black America's PAC: http://www.bampac.org
    6. ProLifeInfo.org: http://www.prolifeinfo.org
  2. Printable List of Candidates in Your State: http://www.wevoteprolife.com/states.htm
  3. California, Example: http://www.wevoteprolife.com/california.htm
    and the Christian Coalition of California Voters Guides at:
  4. and in English & Espaņol at:
  5. and in Vietnamese at:
    ...More Voter Guides, including ballot propositions, encumbent voting records, campaign platforms...
  1. Election Center: Campaign for California Families (CCF) (www.savecalifornia.com)
  2. Propositions on the Ballot,
  3. The Governor's Race,
  4. Pro-Life Voter Guides, California & from the
  5. San Diego Christian Coalition,
  6. Gray Davis & homosexual laws,
  7. Pro-Family Candidates: Nationally,
  8. State Legislators: Voting Records,
  9. Party Platforms: What Do They Really Say?,
  10. Not Sure Who's Your State Legislators, find them here (index)
    And, at the CCF Action Center and from the NRA's NRA Institute for Legislative Action
  1. 2002 Candidate Endorsements (clickable map or by 9 digit zip code)
  2. California Election Guide for the November 5, 2002 General Election
  3. Gun Owners of California (GOC)
    And, Nonpartisan Voter Information
  1. Smart Voter - Nonpartisan Election Information (Ca. & Oh.) (2002, League of Women Voters [LWV])
  2. California Election Information
  3. Other Nonpartisan Political Information Sites & Newspapers/Media Election/Political Coverage (U.S.)
  4. Project Vote-Smart (U.S)
  5. CNN Site-Seer: Politics Online: A voter's Guide to the Web
  6. Federal Elections Commission: Complete Campaign Finance Information
    And, additional voter resources:
  1. California State Judges, candidates
  2. Judges: Orange County & Statewide + SF, La, Ventura, Sacramento, SD, Riverside, Santa Anna, Fresno, San Jose
  3. Statewide Propositions
  4. Note to Home Schoolers
  5. Simon versus Davis on Abortion
  6. Pro-Family (political action guidelines for Churches & Pastors)
  7. Christian Coalition
  8. Voting Records: Ca. Senators & Assembly Members'
  9. Voting Records: Current Ca. Congressional
  10. Party Platforms
  11. List of California Justices: Supreme Court & Appellate Court
    src: Robyn Nordell's Election Links Website
And, Voter information for California's Imperial and San Diego Countys' November 5, 2002 Election of the U.S. Representative for District 51 & and for Ca. District 80 in which Republican Candidate Maria Guadalupe Garcia has taken a pro-life position in regards to The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2002, H.R. 4865. From Candidate Garcia, Qoute: "I'm glad to hear it passed. Partial birth abortion is never medically necessary." Whereas, her Democratic opponent, Bob Filner, of Chula Vista, Ca. voted against the measure.
(sources: "The Imperial Valley Press, 25Jul2002; Ca. smartvoter.org; & Jim Abrams (AP), Nando Times, 25Jul02, thomas.loc.gov) [Background Article (hillnews.com 12Jun02)]
~~~ and ~~~
And, Voter Registration Forms Post Marked before Monday, October 21, 2002,
in/for California, are acceptable. A proposition is on the ballot to change registration deadlines up to day of voting with two I.D.'s etc. For information visit:
Note: Voter Registration Deadlines, state by state. Check your state's Secretary-of-State web site, to confirm.
A Pro-Life Candidate for Governor of California
Simon for Governor of California
Sept. 1, 2002 Pro-Family Statement (src: TVC)
A Pro-Life Candidate for Governor of California
Simon for Governor of California
Sept. 1, 2002 Pro-Family Statement (src: TVC)

A Pro-Family Candidate for Governor of California
Simon for Governor of California
Please Print and Distribute the California 'Where do the Candidates Stand...' November 5th Comparison Poster
The Poster: Where Do the Candidates [governor] Stand on Abortion? (8x10 Printable Poster, .pdf)

Gray Davis, Anti-Choice (Ken McElroy, American Federalist Journal, 24Aug02)
["When Democrats like California Governor Gray Davis boast of being "pro-choice" they really mean that they're pro-choice when the choice is abortion, because they are anti-choice on virtually every other issue. From schools, to SUVs, to smoking, to guns, on practically every issue besides abortion, the liberal Democrats are "no-choice" not "pro-choice." ]

"Elections Aren't Won by Who Voted, They're Lost by Who Didn't" ~~ rfh

"The outlook for pro-life candidates in the [California] 2002 elections.."
(Robert Kumpel, San Diego News Notes, Dec01)
Remember to VOTE LIFE in November's national elections. Learn incumbents' voting records & other candidates' LIFE positions. Candidates, election dates, voter registration information and more. Vote Life.