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*What is the Number One Cause of Death
in The United States? Death Stats? (src: JimJems Castle Patriot Room)
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many pro-death euphamisms & pro-death excuses :
e.g.'s "..Intact Dilation and Extraction..", "..D&X abortion..", "..mother's right to choose..", "..if Bush respects women..", "..sensationalist methods used by anti-abortion groups..", "..domestic terrorists..", "..clinic violence..", "..antiabortion crowd.." "..reproductive freedom..", "..back alleys..", "..state of seige..", "HIV/Aids crisis", "affirmative action", "therapeutic", "dilation & evacuation..", "reproductive health", "reproductive rights" , "to save the mother's life", "avoid mental trauma", "it's my body" and
killing methods as described by an abortionist (using euphamisms such as "non-surgical chemical abortion and "2nd Trimester elective and 2nd/3rd Trimester Therapuetic Abortion care" and quote, "On the first day of the abortion, an injection of a medication is made into the fetus to assure that it will be stillborn and will not experience any discomfort during the procedure.") He provides
Non Surgical - up to 8 weeks from last menstrual period [read: burn to death using salt]
Vacuum Aspiration - 5-14 weeks from last menstrual period [read: while alive, tear the baby apart by suction]
Dilatation and Extraction - 15 weeks or more from last menstrual period [read: tear the baby apart, pull & suck it's body apart]
Digoxin Induction - 22 weeks or more from last menstrual period [visit: Statistics on Post-Viability Abortions Performed by [a] George Tiller alt src
Digoxin Induction: (20 to 32 wks) involves injecting a deadly chemical right into your baby's heart! This causes your little baby to have a heart attack and die. Even after feeling your baby thrash around inside of you, trying to escape the pain, you will still have to give birth to the now dead baby. Labor is induced with a prostaglandin hormone.
induced abortion • live birth abortion
"Abortionists as Euphemists - the Curious Case of the Shifting Language"

...a column by John Jalsevac, Fr.09Jan09, LifeSiteNews.com

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    Remember all of These many Photos of Evil, Shameful, Atrocities, & Gruesome, & Heinous Evidence, Graphic and Shocking as they are, that Abortion is Murder. Whenever You Vote. Please, contact your elected officials by eMail, Writing to them or Telephone Congress. 'Be Heard.'
    (more pro-death euphamisms & pro-death excuses:
    "right wing extremists", "it's a matter between me and my doctor", "What's God got to do with it?", "selective termination", "it'd be better for the baby", "anti-choice", "abortion rights", "the so-called "partial-birth abortion is a political concoction" (Linda Robayo, Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, NY Jul02);" "partial-birth abortion is not a medical procedure"
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    O'Reilly - America's Dirty Little Secret (re: Kansas baby killers who suffocated & burned an underage [minor 14 year old] girl's baby to death)
    also see: • "Circuit Rider Abortionists"
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