I VOTE LIFE. -- May 30, 2004: "A href="http://www.wpri.com/global/story.asp?s=1840030&ClientType=Printable">Chicago lab helps create five babies to help save their siblings' lives (link sources: WPRI, AP, IVPress) [ related resources: JAMA -- www.jama.com, American Society for Reproductive Medicine -- www.asrm.org, Presidents' Bioethics Council -- www.bioethics.gov ] -- May 30, 2004: "Laci Peterson Law Keeps Mexican In U.S." KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Quotes from the article: A federal judge presiding over the case of a pregnant woman fighting deportation to Mexico cited a law enacted after the deaths of Laci Peterson and her fetus to keep the woman in the United States. Myrna Dick, 29, of the Kansas City suburb of Raymore, is five months pregnant and married to a U.S. citizen. Senior U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright ruled Thursday that the couple's unborn child was also a U.S. citizen and thereby entitled to legal protection. In rejecting the federal government's request to lift a temporary stay granted April 30, Wright cited the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004, which grants unborn children equal protection under the law. The law is also known as "Laci and Conner's Law," for the California woman and her unborn son whose bodies washed up along San Francisco Bay in April 2003. Scott Peterson, Laci's husband, is charged in their deaths. Wright said the government does not have grounds to deport Dick's unborn baby. Unless Wright's order is overturned, that baby would probably be born - as a U.S. citizen - before the case is decided. (link source: Findlaw.com) -- U.S. offers to suspend new limit on abortions Enforcement of law would wait until court hearings in March (Bob Egelko, San Fransico Chronicle Staff Writer, Tuesday, 11Nov2003) (link src: CovenantNews.com) -- It is ironic that the most helpless humans are those inside the womb. Of all the risks that we must face in our lives, the most dangerous place we can be is in the womb, since fully one third of all human babies are aborted in this nation - over one million every year. Greater than 98% of all abortions are done for non-medical reasons. (src: The Bible and Abortion) -- ABC News, July 6th, 2003 - from 7th week, 4D ultrasound images reveal babies smile, yawn, and display emotion. Clearly abortionists murder. Sanctioned crimes. -- Evidence that Unborn Babies Smile [ "Before birth most babies smile frequently" - Professor Campbell ] (ITV.com, 12Sep03) -- Centre for Reproduction and Advanced Technology 3D/4D Ultrasound Scans Photo Gallery: 11 weeks to 36 weeks -- Fox News Channel (FNC) report, July 2003: Norma McCorvey ('Roe' in Roe v. Wade) petitioning to Overturn the infamous decision. -- A new Life News source is online at: LifeNews.com presenting current headlines and in-depth reports involving Pro-Life and abortionist$ world wide. Several more Life news sources are below. -- Remember which of these 7 Republican and 165 Democrat names appear on your ballot when they run for re-election. Use your Vote. Join our votes. Vote to remove these legislators from office. From the 'Family Research Council' (FRC) : "Unfit to Serve" The list of the 172 members of Congress who voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion and in favor of infanticide. See which State they are from, note their names for election time: the 33 U.S. Senators & 139 Representatives. Vote issues, not party. " Anyone indifferent to such an affront to the inherent worth and dignity of every human life has rendered himself or herself unfit to hold an office of public trust. Let's Vote together to restore Life in America. source: (FRC "19Jun03 - Source: -- 9Jul03: Abortionist$ again attempting to censor, silence, and hide truth from the public, voters and non-voters alike. Current background and historical references from Delcan McCullagh's Politechbot.com. -- 8Jul03: Neal Horsley's anti-abortion web sites may be under attack by pro-death abortionist$. "Under Attack! Planned Parenthood Moves To Silence Me and My Web Sites", commented Neal on July 8, 2002 Planned Parenthood, or agents of abortionist$, sent so-called "cease-and-desist" notices as reported in commentary by Declan McCullagh in his Politech Newsletter of 09July2003. Support Neal's efforts to get abortionist$ to cease-and-desist. -- 4Jul03: Reflecting upong the purpose of this web site, Please read my July 4th, 2003 commentary re DaDaism, National Socialism, and Abortion. -- From: Conservative Petitions.com TO: Rep. Greenwood and 17 House Republicans Shape up on pro-life or be shipped out! "Rep. Jim Greenwood (R-PA) sought to unscrupulously amend the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.. Fortunately, the House defeated Greenwood's amendment and then passed the act. The long-awaited success came despite a great deal of misdirection from Greenwood, a Republican in name only (RINO) who used his deceitful ploy to lead 17 additional Republicans in opposition to the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act." ...See a chart of those who voted with him in favor of the phony amendment. Remember the names of those in your Congressional District or State, of who voted 'pro-death', when you Vote in 2004! (RINO's) Your vote counts. Use it. -- Key Facts on the Unborn Victims of Violence Act [S.146] source: NRLC Unborn Victims of Violence -- It's all about money, not rights! 7May03 NRLC: Central California Abortion Facility Will Close Down..a huge drop in donations from individuals and foundations..clientele that increasingly cannot pay ..Also, ..the insufficient rate of reimbursement for people on Medi-Cal has hurt the pro-abortion group. -- 13Mar03: Senate Passes Partial-Birth Abortion Ban by Wide Margin Source: Pro-Life Infonet; March 13, 2003 Senate Passes Partial-Birth Abortion Ban by Wide Margin Washington, DC -- The U.S. Senate passed the ban on partial-birth abortions Thursday (13Mar03) morning by a huge bipartisan majority. The vote moves the issue over to the House, where a similar lopsided vote in favor is expected. President Bush applauded the pro-life vote. -- The United States of America is a Pro-Life republic. Killing children is an abhorrent and inconsistent perversion of the fundamental mores which were our country's foundation cornerstones. -- 5Jan03-NARAL feeling pressure, changes its name "..planning an extensive multimillion-dollar [$] campaign to make abortion a critical issue in the 2004 presidential election." (FreeRepublic.com) -- KARLSRUHE, Germany, May 31 (LSN.ca) - A German federal court has ruled that pro-lifers have the right to compare the Nazi Holocaust to the abortion holocaust. (lifesite.net) -- Tell your elected representatives that you Vote Life. -- Choose Life not death. Contact your House and Senate representatives, voice your opinion, remind them how you'll contribute or not and let them know how you'll vote in their next election - see political action contacts below -- Vote Life, Save a Baby.